New Year’s Eve 2003 in a farmhouse on the banks of the river Elbe: Justus is twelve years old and trying to fall asleep, but his sleeping mat is uncomfortable and downstairs the grown-ups are dancing to loud music. A girl is lying next to him. She looks like a fairy. Was the beer really non-alcoholic? It’s already about three o’clock. All the drunken grown-ups are laughing and screaming and it sounds just like the life which is about to start. Suddenly, a song begins. Heavy, simple piano chords, a heart-wrenching voice and then: the chorus. The grown-ups sing rowdily along and everything starts to blur, although he’s not dreaming yet. This is what he wants. He will form a band and everything will melt and become one: hopes, dreams, people.

About ten years later, Summer, the same place: Four young men are sitting in the attic with their instruments and a recorder. It’s been dark for some time but they’re still waking up. They don’t know exactly how long they have been here, it must be some days now which have melted into one room. Days turn into nights and vica versa. Salo counts down and the house starts to shake in many colours. A big, broad grin fills the room. The Delay behind Alex‘ guitar flies out of the window and dances with the birds. Who’d have thought birds could sing so tropically in the Prignitz region at night? Paul plays the bass and the tones turn into rich soil, on which trees could soon start growing.

Somebody has to go and put more wood onto the fire. “Hey guys, come downstairs, there’s a lemon grove outside our window!” The music continues on and on, it’s been like that forever, there’s nothing you can do about it. And they don’t even want to, because this is a mission and a dream, and they are all dreaming it together. It will live on and keep growing – in the farmhouse, in Berlin and preferably everywhere.

Do you remember the festival last year?”, Salo asks, and Paul puts away the lemon, on which he had been following a river, lost in thought. “Oh, yeah”, he replies, suddenly very clear. “The bar was much too high for me, but I liked the colours.

It was summer back then, and one could describe the moment as some kind of Big Bang. Alex and Justus had been wandering around the festival area and chatting about how good it felt to be here: “Always bear in mind to drink plenty of liquids.” There was a bar standing in a vast, open meadow – an improvised timber construction with two floors, a covered terrace made of old planks and decorated with tons of fairy lights and stuff like that. They were serving lemonade. Paul and Salo were standing there, singing some Stone Roses song. They were probably both drunk. Shortly after that, Justus asked the girl in a fairy costume behind the bar for four lemonades, and the boys started talking. It quickly became clear that from this encounter a band would arise, with musical affinities related to the Isle that echo an undeniable inclination to distant days. Inspired by their new destiny, they cast their view on the sunset and on the bass, thundering gently over the grass without breaking it.

You wanted my last cigar”, says Paul. “Did you give it to me?”, Salo asks, the question jolting him out of his thoughts. “I don’t remember.” Let’s just say, yes. Who can tell how it really was. The sun is slowly rising over the farmhouse on the banks of the river Elbe. In the days and nights to come, they will keep on making music, recording songs and everything will melt and become one. During the following months, they will be led onto different journeys and dream their dreams, following their very own mission. And finally, in the summer of 2015, they will release their first dual single “You Are The Ocean/Kinky & Kind” on Radio Transmission Music.